Digital Marketing: Facebook and Instagram PPM
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Jun 21

Digital Marketing: Facebook and Instagram PPM

Are you a social media freak? Social media has taken the world by its storm. There is nothing left on the planet escaping from the world of social media. Today, social media is used by every single person across the globe. Hey, but you think social media is just confined to posting updates and charming pictures? No! A teenager uses this platform to a multi-billionaire company. This is the real power of social media.

Social media is a platform used by businesses to promote their products due to their prominence. This is the main reason companies target social media as a means of digital marketing. If talking about digital marketing, you will get to hear only the names of social networking sites. The names of social media sites widely used by companies are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and various others. The users of these sites count in millions. Using this opportunity, companies spend more marketing money on a social media campaign. Let’s study the reason behind Facebook and Instagram’s prominence in becoming the primary social media marketing tool for the companies.



Social media is a platform consisting of students, professionals, homemakers, workers, job seekers, freelancers, professional artists, institutions and many more. It is a home for everyone. Moreover, to have some entertainment people spent their leisure time on social networking sites. The companies take advantage of this and publish their products and services on these sites. When individuals scroll down through their feeds, they find these advertising companies with their promotional posts. By this, the person gets aware of the product or service. This, in turn, helps in building a brand image of the company.


If you are a company and use social media as the mean of digital marketing, you’re doing an excellent job. Social media is a platform which enables the companies to have a direct conversation with their customers. The target customers and the company can quickly get in touch with each other on this platform. This is the significant benefit of marketing on social media. By doing this, you can get a complete survey of your product or service without doing one. The customers write their feedbacks in the commenting section of the post. Through this, the companies get a review of their products.


The creation of companies account on social media helps the customers to get in touch directly with their desired choices. The company, by doing this, can increase the number of users in the form of followers. The followers keep on rising as the prominence of the company does. Thus creating an account on social media helps gain more customers.


The main benefit of advertising on social media is a cost-effective feature of it. You are not required to invest more money on marketing if you have chosen social media as a mode of it. Other tools of marketing incur a considerable cost. But, social media can be useful simply by paying a small price or nothing. You can even use it for free.

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