Flutter Development

Flutter Development
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Jun 21

Flutter Development

In this technological era, new tools and technologies are introduced each day. Once such latest technical tool is Flutter? Sounds cute, right? Well, Flutter is the latest player in the mobile app development world. Top companies are using this tool to develop and launch high performing mobile applications. 

Developers can use this tool to make their work easy. If you want to know more about Flutter, let us be your guide. In this post, we will discuss about Flutter and its advantages.

What is Flutter?

It is an open-source mobile system development kit. It can be used by developers to develop native-looking apps. Only a single code base is used here to develop android as well as iOS apps. It was launched in 2015 by Google. It was officially launched in 2018. 

Since then, Flutter has continuously been in the news. Thousands of mobile apps are developed using Flutter. Flutter is used by top companies like Google, eBay, BMW, Square and Alibaba.

Apps like Google Ads, PostMuse, Hamilton, SpaceX Go, etc. are developed using Flutter tool.

How Does Flutter Works?


Flutter uses Widgets to develop apps. Different widgets are combined together by developers to create the user interface. Each widget adds an element in the app. Moreover, a widget adds the menu. Other widgets add style and layout. Flutter has a set of ready-made widgets which the developers can use. These widgets look familiar with android and iOS apps. Widgets can also be created here. 


Flutter does not use JavaScript to develop apps. Instead, it uses another programming language called Dart. It saves time as well as helps in developing high-performance native-like apps. 

Advantages of Flutter:

There is a reason why so many developers are running behind Flutter. It provides several benefits. Here is a list of all the benefits of using Flutter.

Saves Time:

Developers can save a lot of time by using Flutter because the same code is used. It helps in cross-platform app development, thereby saving time.

Saves Money:

Similarly, companies can save a lot of money because a single tool is used to develop apps for multiple platforms. They don’t need to hire a different team of developers.

Excellent Performance:

Apps developed using Flutter delivers excellent performance. Instead of using JavaScript, it uses Dart, which helps in developing native-like code. It also uses its own widgets to improve the app’s performance.


As Flutter uses its own widgets, there are fewer compatibility issues. Developers don’t face problem while using code developed for the different operating system. It is compatibility with multiple platforms.


It is an open-source technology. There a community of developers that supports Flutter. The developers provide active support. Moreover, it is free to use. Anybody can use Dart and Flutter for free.

Flutter hot reload

Hot Reload:

With this feature, developers can view the changed code instantly. They don’t have to wait for it. The app keeps running in the background, while the developers make a change in the code. It takes less than a second to update the code.

This is all you need to know about Flutter. You can use this tool to develop a cross-platform mobile app for incredibly low costs.

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