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We make great apps. We use the latest tools and technologies to create ground breaking User 2.0 and User 3.0 mobile Applications. It all starts with an Idea. As long as you have one, we will do everything from market research and validation to design, development and mainatince. You focus on what you are good at and we'll focus on what we are experts at.

We believe in maximising efficiency to save you time and money. That is why, since 2018, we have been creating beautiful cross-platform application with Flutter.

Research & Ideate

Week 0 - 1

What are we making and why are we making it?

Our fundamental approach to app development is independent of the type of application we are tasked with making. We start by looking at the problem you are trying to address. We then ideate every possible definition of that problem before looking at who the end user is going to be, and what their habits are. Once we have a good idea of the user and the problem, we research the competition.

Research illustration
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Week 1 - 2

Crafting the User Experience

Now that we have a better picture of what you are trying to create, we’ll start putting things down on paper. Firstly, we’ll create a rough sketch of every possible user journey and the issues that your users may face at any stage. This is where our first test is performed. We call this the Sketch Test. Any feedback from stakeholders will be incorporated as we proceed to the next stage of the XXXX App Development Approach. 


Week 2 - 3

The final UX

We’ll start refining the draft to create a pencil drawing of the entire app. This includes every button and its function. Every piece of text and its essence. Every design element and the reason for its presence. 

Wireframe illustration
Sketch illustration

User Interface

Week 3 - 4

What the website will look like.

Now that the website UX and Wireframes have been approved, we’ll start creating the User Interface (UI). This will primarily includes the colours, the shapes and the animations that will give your app its unique look and feel. We’ll extensively test every element of the UI with you and a sample of the user, in order to create a captivating design.


Week 4 - 20

Start building

By now, we know we’ll have discussed the tools we are using and the how your app will look and function. It’s time to turn your idea into reality. Our Agile team of Front End and Back End developers with start sculpting your app whilst our beta testers iron out any bugs. During this process, we’ll create your App and Play Store accounts along with all the art work. We’ll also frequently send you testing builds so that you can stay updated on the progress,

App Development Illustration
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Deployment and maintenance

Week 6 - 20


Your App is ready to launch! By now we’ve discussed a roadmap for the future and agreed to a maintenance plan. It’s time to launch your app, train your team and start marketing.


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  • BasicBasic


    • Latest Tools and Tech
    • Exceptional Design
    • Limited Client Feedback
    • Limited User Research
    • Wireframes
    • Content and Media
    • Copywriting
    • Ideal for small and static websites.


    • Latest Tools and Tech
    • Exceptional Design
    • Client Feedback
    • User Research
    • Stock Photos
    • Limited Copywriting
    • Draft
    • wireframes
    • Ideal for MVP, Complex Static Websites and Small E-commerce.


    • Latest Tools and Tech
    • Exceptional design
    • Extensive Research
    • Custom Content, Media and Illustrations.
    • Copywriting
    • Drafts
    • Wireframes
    • Ideal for Web Apps, CRM, SAAS and E-Commerce.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    FAQ Illustration

    As of Jan 2019 we exclusively use Flutter for our mobile apps. Between 2015-2019 we were using React Native. 

    We only make cross platform apps because they are significantly more efficient. The rough split of mobile users globally is 50%-50%. Do you really want to miss out on half your potential users?

    Yes. Every app we create will work on tablets too. That being said, performance on tablets is not part of our performance guarantee. This is because the larger screen requires special optimisations. We can provide this as a service.

    In 95% of cases, Flutter performs on par with Natively developed apps, for 50% of the cost.

    Yes. We offer all our clients an AMC for future feature updates and protection against obsolescence.

    We offer a life time warranty for any defects in our assets and code. We'll fix any issues ASAP, for free. This does not include updates to make the app compatible with changes in technology and resources. eg iOS or Android software updates.