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At Segovia, we are currently managing 18 brand social media accounts for clients based in Dubai . Amongst our current clients are an E-Commerce business, a regional 3d Printing Service Bureau, a corporate services provider and two consumer brands.

In these times it is increasingly important to maintain a strong social presence and to remain at the forefront of your customers minds.It is important to not only showcase your products but actively engage with your audience. There are 2 ways to do this. 1) Hire dedicated Social Media Manager 2) Hire a professional agency with a combine 20 years of Social Media Management Experience.


Is Facebook still Relevant?

The short answer is yes and no. Recent Facebook algorithm changes mean that  less than 1% of your brand page followers will organically see any of your content. That being said, any advertisements you make on Facebook and Instagram have to go through your Facebook page. A customer who sees your advert on Facebook has a 48% chance of visiting your Facebook page. In such a scenario, an empty Facebook page doesn’t send the right message. If you are an Social Media Marketing Client, Facebook management is likely already included in your SMM package.

Facebook Management
Instagram Illustration


The new default Social Platform

We can not stress how important it is to maintain a presence on Instagram. 74% of Adults in the Dubai and the UAE claim to be active users of Instagram! Although recent instagram changes means that your organic reach is significantly lower than it used to be, the right content can still reach thousands of new and existing customers. Instagram users are also highly likely to share interesting content, further increasing your brand reach. If you are an SMM  client, Instagram Management likely already included in your SMM package.

Linked In

Is Linked-in right for you

Linked-in is a professional networking social media platform. If your business is B2B or B2C, focusing on Professional customers than you simply can not over look Linked-in. Advertising on Linked-In however has not been very effective in our past experience. The best strategy is to post custom, well written articles and blog posts. If you are an SEO client then our Linked-in management comes with a 70% discount!

Linked In Management
Twitter Management


Is the Blue bird worth it?

In our experience, in Dubai and the greater MENA region, Twitter is not worth the effort to manage with dedicated resources. That is why we only offer Twitter as an optional add-on to our ‘Facebook & Instagram’ or Linked in packages.


What will we be posting?

Content is King when it comes to Social Media. The right content is not only advertising your products or services but also engaging with your customers. Your content must tell a story of who you are and who your brand is. We can create all digital content such as illustrations and text copy but we suggest our clients provide clean high quality photos and videos. We’ll take care of editing and captions. We are also able to arrange for a professional photographer to visit you in Dubai and capture professional grade photos and videos.

Social Media Content illustration
Facebook & IGFacebook & IG


  • Account Setup or Takeover
  • Dedicated Device
  • Frequent Shoutouts
  • 15 Stories Posts
  • Frequent Posts
  • Daily Engagement
  • Add Twitter for AED 299


  • Account Set up or Takeover
  • 15 Stories Posts
  • 3 Articles
  • Medium Setup
  • Group Engagement
  • Public Engagement
  • Add Twitter for AED 299


  • Custom Illustrations
  • Photographer Visits
  • Article Writing
  • Image Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Copy writing
  • Contests & Offers


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  • Frequently Asked Questions?

    FAQ Illustration

    Yes. You will be able to use any platform as you like. Though we recommend not to make any posts without consulting your Customer Service Rep.

    No. We use dedicated devices (a phone dedicated to just your accounts) to manage your Social Media Accounts.

    No. Our pricing is already extremely competitive. We offer package deals for Social Media with special pricing for SMM and Management packages aswell as multi platform packages.

    We can't guarantee results but we can guarantee the content and the strategy will be amongst the best in the world.

    We will ask you to send us the photos and videos or we will send a photographer to your location. All the images required for 1 month  will be captured at once. The photographer will even provide instructions on how to take good photos for social media so that in the future you can take the photos yourself. We edit all photos and videos as required.

    All of our SEO, SEM, SMM and Social Media Management contracts come with a confidentiality agreement. No one outside the company will know we manage your Social and Search Activity